In Relation - Nine Couples who Transformed Modern British Art

This relatively small exhibition (around a hundred pieces) at RWA in Bristol, provides a fascinating look at what happens when both people in a couple, follow a talented artistic path.

The work of some famous names are featured, along with some lesser known (at least to me) ones who are no less interesting. So we get to see pieces from stars such as Barbara Hepworth, Ben Nicholson, Eric Ravilious, Duncan Grant, Venessa Bell and Laura knight alongside people such as Tirzah Garwood, Robert MacBryde and the combined textile design of Phyllis Barron and Dorothy Larcher.

It’s interesting to follow the ebb and and flow of their respective careers through the 20th century. As fashions changed one would appear to be the dominant force, though later this could change, The notes in the gallery are excellent and really enhance your understanding of the impact of financial needs, war and social changes had upon the the way that their work was viewed.

It’s was lovely to be introduced to the work of some people that I hadn’t previously heard off. Particularly impressive for me, was the work of Tirzah Garwood and Dod Procter, certainly names to look out for in the future.

From the more established names there are some stunning pieces which sine a light on the fascinating world of twentieth-century British art.

To accompany the exhibition there is also an excellent book by James Russell, the cover of which features the gorgeous Ben Nicholson piece entitled, self-portrait with Barbara Hepworth, which you can see above.

The exhibition runs to 9 September 2018.